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Hi. My name is Angelica. I'm quite peculiar at times but I won't elaborate on that. I code skins, used to edit stock photos to be resources, and a lousy/lazy blogger lol. I used to make GIFs as well. You may look them up at my previous tumblr account. If you don't like Doctor Who and Tom Hiddleston, gtfo. Thanks! :D
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Personal: Rotting magically
Hi. School has been keeping me super busy that I even feel super guilty just because I opened this one. Well, anyway, I've been obsessing over Eastwick for the past week now. Shame that ABC had to cancel this show and WHY THE HELL HAVE I ONLY DISCOVERED IT NOW when I have long watched the 80s movie, Witches of Eastwick?! Dang.

Anyway, I recommend you watch it too. I find it better than the movie version of it starring Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson. Yes, I know, Jack Nicholson would've nailed the part of Darryl Van Horne but idk. Watch Eastwick (TV series) and learn how they have made a wonderful rendition of the show and an overly retarded decision to cancel it after one season. Yes, I am here to promote it. Lol. :) It's just so good so heed my words, lovelies!

About my skinning life (lolwat), well, I've been coding on my notebook. I just haven't had the time to run it on a testing blog but then, I might have to delay my plan of running those codes because I lost the notebook. Well, it jumped out of the vehicle I was on. It jumped by itself. Stupid notebook. My upcoming skin though, still the same with the one I have already coded on my notebook, seems different and good. Well, I presume. I hope you guys watch out for it and bear with this not-so-lovely hiatus and not-so-awesome skin I am using. Lol :p

I miss blogging and I miss skinning. I hope the school gives us a break soon! Be back in a week or two...maybe. Bye for now. Be a sheep and watch my recommendations, okay? Ha! :)


Personal: Abraham Lincoln (film)

Yesterday, we went out to watch a movie. The first plan was to see Spider-man but after reading the synopsis for it and Abram Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I couldn't help but crave for the latter. Well, couldn't say I did not enjoy Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because I did enjoy it. I couldn't even stop yapping about it for the rest of the night. The mind-boggling part was when I checked out Rotten Tomatoes, the super trusty film reviewing site. They gave it a 37% (rotten) rating! :( Yes, some parts proved to be ridiculously impossible. *spoiler alert on the blockquote below*
 They had outstanding (and I mean truly outstanding) balance on the top of the train for humans so.. yeah, that one was such a ridiculous accent to the movie.
Nonetheless, I found it smart and well-blended, the history and the vampire-themed fiction. Maybe I'm just a bad and shallow viewer or maybe I'm just obsessed with every film Tim Burton takes part on but I still stand with the side that says 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' was good.

One quote I can't forget from the movie was what Abraham's wife, Mary said:
"Plant your feet and stand firm. The only question is where to plant your feet."


Personal: Indecisive

I truly am so this blog is open again. Which figures, right? Anyway, last week, I colored a lineart by JadeDragonne of deviantART. I used a texture from fidgetresources, also from DA. It's not the best but I think it's not so bad either. Will be coloring more linearts soon because my interest for making GIFs suddenly faded away. Look at this pathetic attempt below.

Love her line though. Lol. Because I hate Eboni from ANTM: British Invasion. Thank goodness Sophie won, right? Riiiight?

Anyway, I am asking you to cross over to the dark side and follow me on my new tumblr account! :) It's where I continue my unfinished fan girling over Doctor Who, HIMYM, TBBT, Bob's Burgers, and a lot more! ;) It also has bits of art and fashion into it. Sooo...


Much love, Angelica.