this mortal form has grown weak. i need sustenance!
Hi. My name is Angelica. I'm quite peculiar at times but I won't elaborate on that. I code skins, used to edit stock photos to be resources, and a lousy/lazy blogger lol. I used to make GIFs as well. You may look them up at my previous tumblr account. If you don't like Doctor Who and Tom Hiddleston, gtfo. Thanks! :D
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Personal: Indecisive

I truly am so this blog is open again. Which figures, right? Anyway, last week, I colored a lineart by JadeDragonne of deviantART. I used a texture from fidgetresources, also from DA. It's not the best but I think it's not so bad either. Will be coloring more linearts soon because my interest for making GIFs suddenly faded away. Look at this pathetic attempt below.

Love her line though. Lol. Because I hate Eboni from ANTM: British Invasion. Thank goodness Sophie won, right? Riiiight?

Anyway, I am asking you to cross over to the dark side and follow me on my new tumblr account! :) It's where I continue my unfinished fan girling over Doctor Who, HIMYM, TBBT, Bob's Burgers, and a lot more! ;) It also has bits of art and fashion into it. Sooo...


Much love, Angelica.