this mortal form has grown weak. i need sustenance!
Hi. My name is Angelica. I'm quite peculiar at times but I won't elaborate on that. I code skins, used to edit stock photos to be resources, and a lousy/lazy blogger lol. I used to make GIFs as well. You may look them up at my previous tumblr account. If you don't like Doctor Who and Tom Hiddleston, gtfo. Thanks! :D
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Personal: Rotting magically
Hi. School has been keeping me super busy that I even feel super guilty just because I opened this one. Well, anyway, I've been obsessing over Eastwick for the past week now. Shame that ABC had to cancel this show and WHY THE HELL HAVE I ONLY DISCOVERED IT NOW when I have long watched the 80s movie, Witches of Eastwick?! Dang.

Anyway, I recommend you watch it too. I find it better than the movie version of it starring Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson. Yes, I know, Jack Nicholson would've nailed the part of Darryl Van Horne but idk. Watch Eastwick (TV series) and learn how they have made a wonderful rendition of the show and an overly retarded decision to cancel it after one season. Yes, I am here to promote it. Lol. :) It's just so good so heed my words, lovelies!

About my skinning life (lolwat), well, I've been coding on my notebook. I just haven't had the time to run it on a testing blog but then, I might have to delay my plan of running those codes because I lost the notebook. Well, it jumped out of the vehicle I was on. It jumped by itself. Stupid notebook. My upcoming skin though, still the same with the one I have already coded on my notebook, seems different and good. Well, I presume. I hope you guys watch out for it and bear with this not-so-lovely hiatus and not-so-awesome skin I am using. Lol :p

I miss blogging and I miss skinning. I hope the school gives us a break soon! Be back in a week or two...maybe. Bye for now. Be a sheep and watch my recommendations, okay? Ha! :)