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Hi. My name is Angelica. I'm quite peculiar at times but I won't elaborate on that. I code skins, used to edit stock photos to be resources, and a lousy/lazy blogger lol. I used to make GIFs as well. You may look them up at my previous tumblr account. If you don't like Doctor Who and Tom Hiddleston, gtfo. Thanks! :D
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Personal: Abraham Lincoln (film)

Yesterday, we went out to watch a movie. The first plan was to see Spider-man but after reading the synopsis for it and Abram Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I couldn't help but crave for the latter. Well, couldn't say I did not enjoy Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because I did enjoy it. I couldn't even stop yapping about it for the rest of the night. The mind-boggling part was when I checked out Rotten Tomatoes, the super trusty film reviewing site. They gave it a 37% (rotten) rating! :( Yes, some parts proved to be ridiculously impossible. *spoiler alert on the blockquote below*
 They had outstanding (and I mean truly outstanding) balance on the top of the train for humans so.. yeah, that one was such a ridiculous accent to the movie.
Nonetheless, I found it smart and well-blended, the history and the vampire-themed fiction. Maybe I'm just a bad and shallow viewer or maybe I'm just obsessed with every film Tim Burton takes part on but I still stand with the side that says 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' was good.

One quote I can't forget from the movie was what Abraham's wife, Mary said:
"Plant your feet and stand firm. The only question is where to plant your feet."